iSchool: using low cost tablets to change learning methods in Zambia

  Mark Bennett, is the Managing Director at iSchool – Zambia. iSchool is built on the belief that many of Africa’s deepest-routed problems can only be overcome through radical improvements in education. This means building a generation of thinking, problem-solving children who will be able to unlock the great potential of the Continent: who will grow economies; rethink democracy; improve health, and greatly increase the life chances of their children. This interview was initially featured on   SmartMoneyTV: What is iSchool? Mark Bennett: iSchool is an attempt to introduce modern blended e-learning in to the African context and by doing that change the way learning is done in schools.   SMTV: What are the key changes that you are trying to make in teaching? MB: We are trying to get teachers to move away from the chalkboard, to move away from their traditional way of memorised learning, and to ... read more