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The City’s Leading Game Changers Propose Big Ideas To The Continent’s Thorniest Problems

JOHANNESBURG – Boasting an enduring reputation as a crucible for change, Johannesburg will play host to the 2013 Talking Heads Live. The event enables the city’s thought leaders, social disruptors and change makers to share with the public their big ideas and experiences on current issues facing their disciplines. Created to encourage the public to explore and develop new ways of seeing and understanding the world and themselves as Africans, the experience has fondly been dubbed ‘a genius exercise in speed dating for the brain’. Unlike popular platforms like TED, which have taken the world by storm, this boutique event typically draws some 40 extraordinary speakers from the worlds of business, art and design; advocacy; philanthropy; technology; environmental sustainability and health to engage in multiple simultaneous conversations with an audience of just over 100 people. Confirmed speakers include: visionary social entrepreneur Yusuf Randera-Rees; Tutu fellow and mining consultant Mema Beye, ... read more

Knowledge Leeches

“Dude, Talking Heads – I love that band.” It’s a joke wearing thin, as I break away from an inebriated group of friends preparing for a very different kind of Saturday night – the Converse Party at Mary Fitzgerald Square. I compose myself, shaking off the afternoon’s beers, as I approach the Villa Acardia mansion for an evening of intellectual stimulation, staring down the FOMO. Apparently there’s going to be carnival rides at that Converse thing... ‘A multi-layered, knowledge sharing platform conceived to identify, showcase, network and expose Africa’s thought leaders. It profiles the ideas, visions and manifestations of the extraordinary people living on this continent.' It’s the description printed on the back of a card received upon entering the Villa. There’ll be four sessions, according to the card, each with an accompanying table number. I’d hoped for some choice in my ‘heads’. Perhaps they’ll be like the TED talks ... read more

A Gathering Of Curious Minds

CAPE TOWN - The epic Whale Well at the Iziko South African Museum will serve as the backdrop for the first Talking Heads Live event of the year on Saturday, 20th April 2013. The Africa Centre’s Talking Heads is a knowledge-sharing platform that uses the potent art of conversation to discover and interrogate the work of thirty-six seasoned thought leaders, experts and mavericks. Drawn from very different disciplines, the gurus are invited to interact and converse with audience members. The aim is to exchange ideas, experiences, build and test knowledge, while developing new ways of thinking about some of the toughest social, economic and environmental problems facing us today. Hosted in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Talking Heads is a carefully curated experience that sees multiple conversations happening simultaneously. The discussions that emerge are always invigorating and spirited. A genius mix of musical chairs and speed dating for the brain, a ... read more