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It’s described as “Wikipedia on steroids”. There are 50 thought leaders, experts and mavericks sitting at different tables around the room. You have the chance of four 20-minute conversations, and you don’t know who you’ll be talking to. REBECCA DAVIS found out a little more about the Africa Centre’s Talking Heads Live events, which kick off this weekend. The Africa Centre is a pretty interesting beast. Established in 2005, it has a lofty mandate: “To utilise art and culture generated in Africa and the diaspora to create positive change,” Talking Heads curator Robin Jutzen tells the Daily Maverick. Each of their projects has a different way of fulfilling this ambitious aim. The Badilisha Poetry X-Change, for instance, aims to correct the situation whereby African poetry previously had no centralised repository online, often limiting the readership to foreign publications and academics, meaning that young African pupils are often likely to be ... read more