Talking Heads

Written by Art South Africa on 05 December 2012. Posted in Frontpage Brett Bailey and Jay Pather organized a program of interdisciplinary works for the 2008 Spier Performing Arts Festival, which they staged in non-traditional venues throughout Cape Town. Their emphasis on the interdisciplinary peaked with the Festival's grand finale, Talking Heads, directed by Bailey. Tapping into the fascination many local visual artists hold for the archive, Bailey chose an archive, Cape Town's historic Centre for the Book, for his "living archive", Talking Heads. Its contents, a collection of forty "experts from a wide range of fields", were installed respectively at forty café tables with black table-cloths and polished brass numbered disks in the Centre's main hall. In the late 1950's Alan Kaprow sought to push the "action painting" of the abstract expressionists out of the picture plane and into time and space. Creating revolutionary "Environments", Kaprow combined large "hunks ... read more