Patronised Immigrants – A Chat with Okey Ndibe

“It is quite a while since I sensed creative promise on this level,” said Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka on reading Foreign Gods Inc., a recent novel by outspoken Nigerian writer Okey Ndibe. We sat with Okey to discuss the book, Chinua Achebe and immigrant life. This interview was first published by This is Africa Atane Ofiaja: Tell us a little about yourself and your background. Okey Ndibe: I was born in Yola, Nigeria and I grew up in Nigeria. After college, I worked as a journalist for two major Nigerian newspapers, The Concord and The Guardian. I then came to America in December of 1988 at the invitation of Chinua Achebe. He asked me to be the founding editor of a magazine that he and some of his colleagues published in the US called African Commentary. I’ve lived in the US ever since. Wow, so that’s been over 25 years. ... read more