A Gathering Of Curious Minds

CAPE TOWN - The epic Whale Well at the Iziko South African Museum will serve as the backdrop for the first Talking Heads Live event of the year on Saturday, 20th April 2013. The Africa Centre’s Talking Heads is a knowledge-sharing platform that uses the potent art of conversation to discover and interrogate the work of thirty-six seasoned thought leaders, experts and mavericks. Drawn from very different disciplines, the gurus are invited to interact and converse with audience members. The aim is to exchange ideas, experiences, build and test knowledge, while developing new ways of thinking about some of the toughest social, economic and environmental problems facing us today. Hosted in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Talking Heads is a carefully curated experience that sees multiple conversations happening simultaneously. The discussions that emerge are always invigorating and spirited. A genius mix of musical chairs and speed dating for the brain, a ... read more