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South Africa’s controversial “Open Mosque”

South Africa’s first “Open Mosque” recently opened its doors, welcoming EVERYONE: gay worshipers, unveiled women, Christians… Great news, at a time when Islam generally gets bad press. So why isn’t everyone celebrating? This article was originally published by This is Africa. Image credit: Denvor de Wee By Annie Mebaley Image credit: Denvor de Wee South Africa’s first “Open Mosque” recently hosted its first prayer session, and welcomed around 50 men and women of different races and cultures within its mint green painted walls. The mosque, in Wynberg, Cape Town, serenely accepts gay worshippers, unveiled women, Christians and all pariahs of society, and aspires to establish “a religious revolution” in Cape Town. The founder, Dr. Taj Hargey, a native of Cape Town, director of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford and a popular hooligan of Islamic recalcitrance – In July this year, he launched the UK campaign to ban the burqa ... read more

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? The City Prepares To Be Inspired By A Gathering Of Innovators, Experts And Mavericks

CAPE TOWN - The Africa Centre announces the next Talking Heads Live event – the city’s premier high-energy platform for ideas exchange to be held on Wednesday the 12th of March 2014. The programme is set to be headlined by Cape Town’s brightest thinkers, influential change makers, doers and leading visionaries. Hosted at the charming Gold of Africa Museum famous for housing AngloGold Ashanti’s prized gold artifact collection, this event is a carefully curated experience of inspiring, thought provoking conversations that invite curious members of the public to explore and develop new ways of seeing, thinking and understanding their world. This year’s first event will feature 40 speakers from a broad range of disciplines, including sustainability architect Gita Goven, star gazer Dr Carolina Ödman-Govender; medical innovator Ashley Uys; urban renewalist Tony Elvin; land rights specialist Dr Ruth Hall; natural birth advocate  Sister Marianne Littlejohn; education reformist Ntshadi Mofokeng; bone implant ... read more