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An Evening with The Bellagio Center

We are delighted to be producing our first live event in the East African region! An Evening With Bellagio Center,  a Talking Heads inspired event,  will provide the opportunity for Resilience Week participants to enjoy dinner and engage with esteemed alumni of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center residency program from across Africa. Here are some of the artists, academics and practitioners who will be engaged in stimulating dialogue to shape thinking and catalyse action around the Foundation’s strategic goals: building greater resilience and more inclusive economies: Edith Kimani | Journalist | Event Host   Edith Kimani is Deutsche Welle's East African correspondent covering up to ten countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has had experience moderating a number of events for Kenya's leading cooperates including The Sameer Group, Safaricom and The Standard Group. She has also been called on numerous speaking engagements by high schools and human rights organisations like the Coalition on ... read more

Maker Faire: Cultivating a community of African makers

Emeka Okafor , is a British Nigerian living in New York who sees himself as venture capitalist for Africa. He is the curator and director of Maker Faire Africa and speaks about what the event means for Africa, and the need for manufacturing on the continent. This interview originally appeared on SmartMonkeyTV: Emeka you have been the organiser of Maker Faire in Africa with others. How did that come about? Emeka Okafor: A number of us who founded Maker Faire thought that there was a disconnect behind the idea of hardware, the making of hardware, and the need for a greater interest in manufacturing… the idea that we didn’t have an appreciation for people who were inventors and innovators in the more physical sense. We felt that there was a mother-load of individuals across the continent that were not getting their due, in terms of people 1) acknowledging that ... read more

The City’s Leading Game Changers Propose Big Ideas To The Continent’s Thorniest Problems

JOHANNESBURG – Boasting an enduring reputation as a crucible for change, Johannesburg will play host to the 2013 Talking Heads Live. The event enables the city’s thought leaders, social disruptors and change makers to share with the public their big ideas and experiences on current issues facing their disciplines. Created to encourage the public to explore and develop new ways of seeing and understanding the world and themselves as Africans, the experience has fondly been dubbed ‘a genius exercise in speed dating for the brain’. Unlike popular platforms like TED, which have taken the world by storm, this boutique event typically draws some 40 extraordinary speakers from the worlds of business, art and design; advocacy; philanthropy; technology; environmental sustainability and health to engage in multiple simultaneous conversations with an audience of just over 100 people. Confirmed speakers include: visionary social entrepreneur Yusuf Randera-Rees; Tutu fellow and mining consultant Mema Beye, ... read more