Speakers tagged: botany

Bruce Anderson

Straddling the fascinating fields of botany and zoology at Stellenbosch University, Bruce Anderson is interested in how the living world has been shaped by, and is completely dependent upon intricate interactions between different organisms. His ongoing research focusing on fascinating mutualisms between carnivorous plants and insects, as well as flowers and their pollinators.

Marcus Byrne

Marcus Byrne is an associate professor in the Department of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand, where he teaches zoology and entomology. His research interests revolve around the use of insects for biological control, such as controlling the spread of weeds that may threaten biodiversity. He also studies the secrets of dung beetle survival and adaptation to their environment, which has led him to believe that the particular qualities of dung beetles’ visual navigation systems may help humans learn to solve complex visual processing problems.