Speakers tagged: creative director

Cal Burns

Cal Burns is the founder of Mat©hboxology: an imaginative collective that collaborates with talented, strategic minded creative people globally who share their passion for innovation, growth, values and a "doing good is good business" philosophy. It took Cal 20 years, working across 5 continents creating advertisements, before he found his calling converging consumer and citizen. Cal helps leaders lead in a world where consumers and communities are inseparably linked and where companies/brands have an undeniable development impact on societies. With his expertise in Human Centered Design, Cal enables brands, NGO’s, development organisations and governments to realise opportunities for stronger, deeper relationships.

Hennie van Vuuren

Hennie van Vuuren is a writer and activist working on issues of secrecy, access to information and corruption. He is currently a research associate at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation focusing on the lack of accountability for economic crimes during political transitions. This includes a focus on economic crime in apartheid South Africa. He previously worked on corruption issues for the Institute for Security Studies and Transparency International, is active in the Right2Know campaign and co-authored The Devil in the Detail: How the arms deal changed everything (2011).

Lesley Perkes

Lesley Perkes is a serious Joburger, public arts producer, art-activist, writer and speaker-performer. She is also the CEO of Artatwork from whose inner city Troyeville office she delves into the neglected, seemingly impossible places in our separated landscapes and hearts. Using unique approaches to public arts nationally, Perkes has produced and curated many of the permanent and temporary sculptural installations and a number of strong performance-artworks by hundreds of professional artists since 2005.

Professor Edgar Pieterse

Edgar Pieterse is an urban scholar, writer and creative agent whose interests include the theory and practice of policy discourses and interventions to make African cities more just, open and accessible. He is the director of the African Centre for Cities and holds the South African Research Chair in Urban Policy at the University of Cape Town. He is the author of City Futures: Confronting the Crisis of Urban Development (2008). He has also co-edited numerous volumes, including Counter-Currents: Experiments in Sustainability in the Cape Town Region (2010) and Consolidating Developmental Local Government (2008), among others. He is co-editor of the ongoing The African Cities Reader series and consulting editor of Cityscapes.

Sindiwe Magona

Magona is one of many internationally prominent South African writers whose work is informed by her experience of impoverishment, femininity, resistance to subjugation and being a domestic worker.  She traversed South Africa’s racially-defined socio-cultural-economic spaces while simultaneously being a mother, wife and community leader in a township. These interlaced themes and realities are pronounced throughout her literary career.A former primary school teacher and civil servant, she is a prolific author who has produced nine books, among them an autobiographical work, a collection of short stories, novellas and an anthology of poetry.She has produced various plays and continues to lecture and deliver key addresses at universities and conferences, both locally and internationally. Until her retirement in 2003, she contributed immeasurably in various capacities to the work of the United Nations (UN), an organisation she served for 20 years.