Speakers tagged: criminology

Don Pinnock

Don Pinnock holds a PhD in political science, an MA in criminology, a BA in African history and have published a post-doctoral study on gangs, rituals and rites of passage. As a criminologist, he was one of the co-drafters of the Youth Justice White Paper for the ANC government. He is a specialist in adolescent deviance. He is also the co- founder of the Wilderness Foundation and of Usiko, a rehabilitation organisation for high-risk youths, and Umzi Wethu, a residential programme for Aids orphans.

Dr. John Parker

John Parker is a senior lecturer in the University of Cape Town’s Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health and a specialist psychiatrist at Lentegeur Hospital. He is head of the Out Patient Department and Outreach Services as well as the founder and project manager of the Lentegeur Spring Project which aims to reintegrate mentally ill patients with their communities through green initiatives.

Lindsay Henley

Originally from Chicago (USA), Lindsay Henley has lived in Cape Town since April 2003.  With a background in social work (BA Sociology and Anthropology) she currently serves as the Director of Beth Uriel (www.bethuriel.co.za) a youth development programme that aims to equip young men for independent living.  She admittedly leans left when it comes to her approach-- focusing more on the individual than what the world expects from them.  That said, she can not deny that "because I said so" is still a phrase that runs constantly through her mind.