Speakers tagged: art activist

Lesley Perkes

Lesley Perkes is a serious Joburger, public arts producer, art-activist, writer and speaker-performer. She is also the CEO of Artatwork from whose inner city Troyeville office she delves into the neglected, seemingly impossible places in our separated landscapes and hearts. Using unique approaches to public arts nationally, Perkes has produced and curated many of the permanent and temporary sculptural installations and a number of strong performance-artworks by hundreds of professional artists since 2005.

Marcus Neustetter

Marcus Neustetter is a Johannesburg based artist, cultural activist and producer who reflects critically and playfully on his context through art and collaborative projects. His strategy has been to pro-actively create, play and experiment to build opportunities and experiences that investigate, reflect and provoke. Mostly process driven, his production of art at the intersection of art, science and technology has led him to work in a multi-disciplinary approach from conventional drawings to permanent and temporary site specific installations, mobile and virtual interventions and socially-engaged projects internationally. In partnership with Stephen Hobbs, Neustetter has also been active with The Gallery Premises (closed 2008), The Trinity Session and in their collaborative capacity as Hobbs/Neustetter.  

Mokena Makeka

Mokena Makeka is the founder and principal of Makeka Design Lab. He pursued his studies at the University of Cape Town and graduated with distinction. Mokena started Makeka Design Lab out of his vision to create a sound African aesthetic that serves the public and brings dignity and grace to the built environment. He sat on the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council for Design and lectures at UCT. Mokena is also the Founder of a ground breaking initiative MoDILA (The Museum of Design Innovation Leadership & Art, South Africa) set to be the premier Modern Art Museum in Africa. Twitter: @MokenaMakeka

Rike Sitas

Rike Sitas spends her time exploring and experimenting at the intersection of urban studies and creative action. She is currently based primarily at the African Centre for Cities as a researcher focusing on public culture and densification, but is also the co-founder of dala, an interdisciplinary network of creative practitioners that believe in the transformative role of public creativity. Her research interests revolve around the intersection of public space and cultural action and she has been involved in a number of solo and collaborative art exhibitions, performances and projects that explore this nexus locally and internationally. Twitter: @rikesitas