Speakers tagged: Clinical Epidemiology

Laila Asmal

Laila Asmal is a senior lecturer and consultant psychiatrist at the University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa. Leila holds a medical degree from the University of Cape Town, an MMed (Psych), an FCPsych and is completing an MSc in Clinical Epidemiology. She directs clinical neuropsychiatry services at Tygerberg Academic Hospital in Cape Town. She supervises neuropsychiatry training for psychiatry fellows and co-ordinates the post-graduate MPhil training program in neuropsychiatry at Stellenbosch University. This training includes sustainable projects in communities, allowing students to critically reflect on social determinants of mental illness.

Tolullah Oni

Tolullah Oni is a physician/epidemiologist. She completed medical training at University College London Medical School, UK, and after postgraduate training in internal medicine, including HIV medicine in UK and Australia, moved in 2007 to Cape Town to work in HIV/TB research. She completed her research doctorate in clinical epidemiology of HIV-associated TB at Imperial College London, based in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. She is currently working as a senior research medical officer at the Institute of infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine, and School of Public Health at the University of Cape Town. Her current research focus is population health transition and the spatial and temporal epidemiology of the interaction between established epidemics of HIV and TB, and emerging non-communicable disease epidemics e.g. diabetes and hypertension in transitional societies such as South Africa. She is a member of the South African Young Academy of Science.