Speakers tagged: ecological design

Florian Kroll

Florian Kroll is the programme head at Siyakhana Initiative for Ecological Health and Food Security at the University of the Witwatersrand. He has worked in the field of South African permaculture since 2004, with particular interest in food security, ecological design, nutrition, ethnobotany, and ecological health promotion. Permaculture is sustainable land use design based on naturally-occurring ecological and biological principles, intended to minimise work, eliminate waste, and increase productivity, while also preserving and restoring the natural environment. Through his work as a researcher, consultant, and designer, Florian advocates with representatives of government and corporations to increase awareness, support, and funding for urban permaculture.  

Jane Battersby-Leonard

Jane Battersby is a researcher on the Ways of Knowing Urban Ecology Project at the African Centre for Cities, and is the Cape Town partner of the African Food Security Urban Network.  As a geographer she's trying to figure out just what "'you are what you eat" might mean for us at a city scale. She is one of South Africa’s leading experts on the under-reported issue of food security in cities.