Speakers tagged: Alison Kock

Alison Kock

Alison Kock is a shark scientist and research manager for the pioneering Shark Spotters programme in Cape Town, where her goal is to improve the relationship between people and sharks through scientific research, awareness and community based conservation strategies. Alison is passionate about finding environmentally responsible solutions to human-shark conflict. She believes that we can use applied research to gain a greater understanding of the behaviour of predatory sharks to improve public safety strategies, and to ensure that conservation and management plans are effective.

Claire Mollatt

Claire is an ecologist, with a background in environmental science, fisheries and sustainable development. Her interests lie in ecosystem health, food systems, and behaviour change for sustainability and conservation, with a keen interest in challenges like urbanisation, inequality and informality. Her Masters research was on food waste management in the Enkanini informal settlement. She is working on designing similar systems for a community in Franschoek. She is constantly amazed by nature, and is keen to be quiet and listen to Mother Nature, in exploring how to work with rather than against her, to create resilient social, economic and environmental systems.

David Bilchitz

David Bilchitz’s current research focuses on the relationship between business and human rights. His book, Poverty and Fundamental Rights: the Justification and Enforcement of Socio-Economic Rights was published by Oxford University Press in 2007. David has a BA (Hons) LLB cum laude from Wits University, graduated with an MPhil in Philosophy from St John's College, University of Cambridge in 2001 and with a PHD in political philosophy and law from the same university in 2004. He has several other publications in areas that include the Law of Evidence, Socio-Economic Rights, and Persons and Family law. His research interests include the intersection between political philosophy and constitutional law and the institutional implications in a wide-range of diverse areas.

Lance Greyling

Lance Greyling is the Democratic Alliance's ( DA)  Shadow Minister of Energy, where he also serves as a member of Parliament. Greyling is passionate  about the environment and committed to the task of making South Africa a leader in the area of sustainable development.