Speakers tagged: Africa

Mike Markovina

Mike Markovina has a master’s degree in ichthyology and fisheries science from Rhodes University South Africa. After working on leatherback turtle conservation and fisheries management projects for the Mayumba Marine Park in southern Gabon, he and Schnoknecht have begun a two-year expedition using photography and film to illuminate the positive uses of marine resources across Africa, Asia and Europe.

Rupert Koopman

Rupert Koopman is a botanist at CapeNature. Rupert completed his BSc at the University of the Western Cape and worked as an environmental consultant before taking on a targeted botany internship with the South African National Biodiversity Institute programme, Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers. He focuses his energies in raising awareness of the various ways communities rely on fynbos and the natural environment, fostering a greater commitment to their conservation for future generations. In 2011 he was elected chairman of the Kirstenbosch branch of the Botanical Society of South Africa. He also serves on the council of the Botanical Society.