Ant Vervoort

Socially responsible architect, Ant Vervoort, believes strongly in the capacity of architecture to create meaningful ...more

Anton Harber

Anton Harber was founder-editor of the anti-apartheid newspaper the Weekly Mail (now the Mail & Guardian). ...more

Babila Mutia

Babila Mutia holds an MA in Creative Writing and a PhD in African Literature from ...more

Balu Nivison

Balu Nivison is the founder of the Balu clothing, a dancer, an instructor of the ...more

Beezy Bailey

Beezy Bailey is a South African artist who works in various media, including painting, sculpture, ...more

Bonita Bennet

Bonita Bennett was appointed as director of the District Six Museum in June 2008, having ...more

Bradley Van Sitters

Bradley van Sitters is an award winning expert on KhoiKhoi languages and Khoisan Heritage activist. ...more

Brendon Bussy

Brendon Bussy is sometimes called a sound artist, but prefers the less threatening description ‘mandolin ...more

Candice Wyatt-Minter

Candice Wyatt-Minter is an award-winning, internationally recognised hairdresser whose unique and distinct cuts grace many ...more
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