Over 2 000 people die everyday around the world from substandard & counterfeit medicine. In Africa, selling fake medication has become BIG business. An estimated 1/3 of the total trade of pharmaceuticals in Africa is believed to be counterfeit. This critical problem led Bright Simons named a Young Global Leader (YGL) by the World Economic Forum (WEF)¬†to invent mPedigree. Established in Ghana in 2007, MPedigree created an “Electronic Resource System” for Africa’s under-resourced health sector. Through basic text messaging using MPedigree’s unique mobile phone platform, consumers have the ability to query the origin of their medicines and to establish whether it is genuine or potentially a dangerous imitation.

Produced by Rowan Pybus | Animated by Anwar McWhite | Written by Tanner Methvin & Tambudzai Ndlovu | Creative direction from Anwar McWhite & Tambudzai Ndlovu | Music and footage by Anita Afonu | Voice Over by Dr. Kolade Arogundade