CyberTracker is an open-source software developed in South Africa designed to collect geo-referenced data with detailed digital notation. The CyberTracker is an efficient way to gather large quantities of geo-coded field observations at a speed and level of detail not possible before.

Users can customise the interface to meet data collection needs. Screen designs can combine text and icons to optimise efficiency and customisation. Today more than 50 000 users in 210 countries have downloaded the free software, providing an unique tool for scientists and conservationists to understand and manage their natural environment.


Produced by Plexus Fims | Directed by Lauren Groenewald and Sandiwsa Tshefu |Written & edited by Sandiwsa Tshefu and Tanner Methvin |Annimation by Archie Birch | Project developing by Miki Redelinghuys I Online editing by Tinashe Makwande | Archive courtesy of Plexus Films