• Shifting Negative Clichés

    Talking Heads opens a window into an alternative reality outside the commonly held notions of continental collapse. This is a reality that showcases what is extraordinary about the people in Africa, their visions and current manifestations that are solving problems and making a meaningful and affirmative contribution to their communities, cities, countries, continent & the world.

  • Ideas + Action = Change

    "It always seems impossible until its done."
    Nelson Mandela

  • Courage To Be African

    "The African race is like a rubber ball. The harder you dash it to the ground, the higher it will rise."
    Africa Proverb

The Idea Behind Talking Heads

Looking into the continent from outside or within, mainstream messages that continue, in large part, to define Africa, rarely articulate the subtlety and nuance of contemporary Africa and its people. Clichés and negatively held notions about Africa crowd out a balanced understanding of the diversity of everyday existence on the continent. These continuing misperceptions come in part from a limitation of access to alternative realities and narratives that also exist. Knowledge, ideas, and expertise are all too often hard to come by. Inaccessibility of this knowledge, alternative ideas and the people who create it, not only affect Africa’s identity and image, but have far reaching consequences that affect the daily choices people make, how access is controlled or denied, when and where opportunities are presented and realised, how social justice is both vetted and meted out, and more sweepingly, who gains what rights and privileges.

  • Our Approach

    The Africa Centre has designed an approach that identifies, showcases and creates opportunities for African “Thought Leaders”. Talking Heads profiles some of the extraordinary Africans making a meaningful and affirmative contribution to their communities, cities, countries, to the Continent and the world. Our approach provides a model that can be easily replicated anywhere in Africa and, with scale, may offer an alternative narrative of who and what we know about our Continent.

  • Our Projects

    Talking Heads consists of four core components, all intending to service different yet interwoven purposes. These include: developing a platform for intimate conversation and exchange with and between experts; creating a network of African thought leaders; producing audiocasts and videos that define these leaders and their unique contributions; and finally, developing the tools to make this model/system work in cities all over the African continent.