How does the evening work?

Talking Heads Live is a carefully curated experience where  speakers and audiences alike participate in round table discussions. By creating intimate four person “learning circles”, Talking Heads Live provides an experimental milieu for ideas to be proposed, tested and considered. The 20-minute sessions are conversational and organic where speakers adopt a centuries-old tradition of story telling to help audience members grapple with complex topics.



The evening is divided into four sessions with each session being plus or minus 20 minutes in length. There are two sessions at the start of the evening punctuated by wine and snacks, followed by the final two sessions.
A beating drum, or bell marks the start and end of each session.


Each person will receive a unique, carefully curated experience. On arrival guests collect a navigation card. This card has four numbers, representing the four table where guests will find a speaker to engage with. Keep an open mind, ask lots of questions and have fun!


A team of ushers are available to assist guests with finding their tables.

Books, CDs and various other speaker collateral will be available for sale at our speaker’s table during, before and after the event.