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Talking Heads Live events draw together the most innovative thought leaders and experts that are pushing boundaries and making unique contributions in their fields. In an intimate setting, speakers are share and test their ideas with members of the public. The atmosphere is electric and opens up opportunities to exchange experiences, build and test knowledge, while developing new ways of thinking about some of the toughest social, economic and environmental challenges facing us today. “For us it’s about profiling and amplifying the rich and deep thought going on everyday. Often these ideas stay within the domain of the few. Talking Heads brings these conversations out into the open both to expand their reach, but also to inspire new ones.” -Africa Centre Executive Director, Tanner Methvin

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    Click Here to find out more about this genius mix of musical chairs and speed dating for the brain. Guests are invited to move from table to table, engaging in four intimate 20-minute conversations. In one evening you could meet with a social activist, an expert in Artificial Intelligence, a seasoned foodie, a tech junkie or perhaps a clinical psychologist … the possibilities are endless.

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Geci Karuri-Sebina

Futurist & Foresight enthusiast

I liked the diverse mix of people who I got to interact with. Being my first time at Talking Heads it took a couple of tries to see how to best use the format – but by the last table, it went really well and I think I really got people thinking in a different space from their usual … Great initiative!
– Talking Heads, Johannesburg 2013

Professor Marcus Byrne

School of Animal Plant & Environmental Sciences, WITS

The intellect and passion of the people I spoke to was inspiring. My wife Kate came as a guest and had an equally marvelous experience. She is relatively shy, but was almost immediately immersed in the energy of the evening… Great concept, well executed.
– Talking Heads, Johannesburg 2013